Key Concept

The overall process of photosynthesis produces sugars that store chemical energy. Answer on a separate sheet of  paper. Turn paper in at the beginning of tomorrows class. 


photosynthesis     light-dependent reactions    chlorophyll   light-independent reactions   thylakoid


Main Idea: Photosynthetic organisms are producers.

Circle the word or phrase that best completes the statement.

  1. Some organisms are called producers because they produce the source of chemical energy / light energy for       themselves and for other organisms.

  2. Photosynthesis captures chemical energy / light energy to make sugars that store chemical energy / light energy.


  3. Chlorophyll is a molecule in chloroplasts that absorbs some of the energy in visible light / ultraviolet light.


Main Idea: Photosynthesis in plants occurs in chloroplasts.

  4. Chloroplasts are membrane-bound organelles where _________ takes place in plants.

  5. Photosynthesis takes place in two parts of a chloroplast: the _________ and the _________.

  6. Thylakoids are coin-shaped, membrane-enclosed compartments inside the _________.

  7. The overall process of photosynthesis can be written as a chemical equation. Fill in the blanks in the equation below using the appropriate compound from the box.







_________ + __________ === ________ + ________

  8. The two reactants in the photosynthesis equation are _________ and _________.

  9. The two products in the photosynthesis equation are _________ and _________.


10. Why is the photosynthesis equation often written with several arrows?

a. Because many enzymes are added to the reactants to make the products.

b. Because many chemical reactions occur with the help of many enzymes.

c  Because many reactants can enter into the photosynthesis reaction.

d. Because many products can be made from the photosynthesis reaction.

Circle the word or phrase that best completes the statement.

11. The light-dependent reactions require light / do not require light, and they absorb and transfer sugars / energy.

12. The light-independent reactions require light / do not require light, and they build sugars / energy.

13. Create a space on your paper and sketch a chloroplast. Label the grana, thylakoids, and stroma. Indicate where each of the following steps of the photosynthetic process occurs.

a.   Energy carried along the thylakoid membrane is transferred to molecules that carry energy to the light-independent reactions.

b.   Carbon dioxide is added to a cycle of chemical reactions to build larger molecules.

c.   A six-carbon simple sugar (usually glucose; C6H12O6) is formed.

d.   Energy from sunlight is absorbed and transferred along the thylakoid membrane. Water molecules are broken down and oxygen is released.

Vocabulary Check

Fill in each blank with the word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

14. The prefix photo- means “light,” and synthesis means “to put together.”
During photosynthesis, __________ from light is used to put together _________.

15. The prefix chloro- means “green,” and the suffix -phyll means “leaf.” Therefore, chlorophyll is the light-absorbing molecule that makes leaves
look _________.

16. The prefix in- means “not.” Therefore, the reactions in photosynthesis that do not require light are called light-_________.

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Photosynthesis Vocabulary Practice

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1. In a minimum of 50 words summarize the first video. Provide 3 main points

2. In a minimum of 50 words summarize the second video. Provide 3 main points

3. In a minimum of 50 words describe the relationship between the processes in the 2 videos and how are they dependent upon each other.

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