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Research topic for 1st project (UPDATED 8/13 @ 5 PM)

Ocean acidification and coral bleaching (Cat 1)

What cause Red Tide and what are it impacts to wildlife, humans and commerce (Cat 1)

Bluefin Tuna, Overfishing and sushi (Cat 1)
Australia's Great Barrier reef: (Cat 1)

The coral reef and the consequences of ocean acidification

Energy flow in the Amazon Ecosystem (Cat 1)
Florida's coastal marine environment: with attention paid to mangroves and their importance (Cat 1)

Everglades and its different aquatic regions: with specific attention paid to its headwaters and how it impacts the Florida Keys (Cat 1)

How Biodiversity is related to the diversity of species and how it affects the development and function of ecosystems (Cat 1)

Climate change and freshwater ecosystems (Cat 1


The Florida Scrub Jay’s diminishing numbers and habitat loss (Cat 2)

Farming, water diversion and the impact on the Florida Everglades (Cat 2)

Rainforests and their biodiversity: what would their loss mean and how can we prevent it (Cat 2)
Endangered species: causes of endangerment and efforts being taken to conserve species (Cat 2)

Agricultural practices such as slash and burn; alternative ways that are sustainable and environmentally friendly (Cat 2)

The consequences of human growth and its impact on the environment

Stormwater runoff in Tampa Bay (Cat 3)
Population growth, pollution and the Floridan Aquifer (Cat 3)
Is climate change real, a hoax or somewhere in between? (Cat 3)
Glaciers: properties, their significance to the planet and the consequences of global pollution (Cat 3)
Deforestation, the atmosphere and Pollution (Cat 2 & 3)

Oil drilling, Fracking and Alternative Energy Sources (Cat 3)

Invasive Species in the Florida Everglades (Cat 4)

Energy Flow in the Amazon Basin (Cat 4)

Biogeography, Population distribution (Cat 4)

Venom and a cure for cancer (Cat 4)

Florida’s snakes (Cat 4)

Venomous snakes and their different venoms (Cat 4)

Florida panther: general history, overview, their importance and conservation efforts (Cat 4)

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